Pure Water

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Tired of the hassle and guilt of bottles water?  Want a system that will give you plenty of capacity and great flow?  We have reverse osmosis systems tailored to the needs of todays family.  The AW Turbo RO is your green solution for better water at a better price.

  • 75 gpd membrane supplies more water than competing systems
  • 5/8″ tubing for better flow at the faucet
  • Permeate pump reduces waste water
  • Connectable to refrigerator & icemaker
  • Ultraviolet disinfection stage available as an option
  • Designer faucets to match your kitchen finishes

We also offer no-waste systems and no-waste conversion kits for your present system. Call the office for more information or to schedule your free water test today!

RO with Twist Filters


ro with twist filters


Have a Britta, PUR or fridge filter?  Upgrade to PURE water.

We are all searching for better water, and there are so many choices that it’s hard to understand them all.  Only reverse osmosis removes 90 to 95% of the contaminants in your water.  We use a TDS meter to measure the total dissolved solids in your water, with most water in this area averaging 500ppm.  When water from Brita pitchers, PUR faucet mount filters and refrigerator filters is tested, there is generally a 0-50ppm reduction in tds…less than 10% removal of contaminants.  RO water tests 90-95% lower than your incoming, untreated water, giving you better than bottled quality water at a fraction of the cost.  Give us a call and we can test your water for you!

We also carry or can order just about any replacement filter you may need for ro systems or cartridges


Whole house purification

Ultraviolet disinfection

American UVX Ultraviolet System
Whole house purification


Are you worried about the safety of your drinking water? Have you had a well test that was positive for bacteria?  The American UVX is the right solution for your water, your family, and the environment.

The American UVX is effective against a wide variety of pathogens including

  • E. coli
  • Coliform bacteria
  • Cryptosporidium
  • giardia

Did you know that 20-40% of wells are infected at any given time?  Drilling a new well will not guarantee good water, and chlorinators are an expensive hassle that may or may not be legal in your area.  The UVX treats all the water in your home, naturally, has audible and visual alarms to alert you of lamp failure, and maintenance takes minutes but does not require any tools.  Full year warranty on all components and UL certified with built-in safety features.