Groundwater Contamination in Winnebago County

Winnebago County health department officials are investigating the discovery of vocs in two private wells in the northwest Rockford, IL area.  We hear people say, “I have well water, its great, we don’t need any water treatment!” But there are many things that can be in well water that you can’t smell, taste or see. Volatile organic compounds (vocs), bacteria, virus, pesticides, insecticides, nitrate, radium, trichloretheylne…the list is much larger. When you have a well, only you are responsible for the quality of your water.

At any given time, between 20 & 40% of wells are bacterially contaminated. A good water test one day does not ensure a good test on another. Water quality changes, contaminants are introduced to the environment or migrate from one aquifer to another.  The best way to protect your family’s health from long-term effects of unwanted chemicals, minerals or bacteria is with a careful, thoughtful water treatment plan.

Our Certified Water Specialist are experts at problem water. We can perform a water quality check, examine your present system, and make recommendations on solving the potential problems that you are concerned with. There is not one magical system that will take care of everything, water treatment is not a one-size-fits-all kind of endeavor. We will address your concerns and propose an economical, eco-friendly,  effective plan that may be one piece of equipment or a system that works in perfect harmony to remove the various contaminants that are present.

Call us today for your free water anaysis and get on the path to better water today. Call 815-282-9595 or see our website for more info.  Go to WREX 13′s website for more info on the contamination in Rockford, IL.