Gr8 h2o

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just filter your water at home and know that is was as pure as you can get it?  And what if you could have that water tested to prove it?  If you could just have a stylish little extra faucet in the kitchen that gave you an almost endless supply of that clean water!  And wouldn’t it be great if that same pure water could be supplied to your refrigerator’s icemaker and water dispenser?  It would be nice to stop worrying about running out or rationing it like you would with bottled water.  You could cook with it, make your coffee with it, give it to the animals and even fill your aquarium with it!  Man, if someone would just invent a device that would fill all of these requirements, make it more convenient than bottled water and cost just pennies per gallon…wouldn’t it be great?