Cleaning water with air

Iron and rust and sulfur in your water can make your home a miserable place. But you don’t have to live with orange stains on fixtures, laundry and rotten egg smells in the shower, and you don’t have to live with the harsh chemical systems that some companies offer.  There is a better way.

The first step in finding the right treatment for an iron problem is a water test. The amount of iron in your water will dictate the size of equipment that will do the job.  Iron starts to do its damage at .03 ppm (parts per million) and it is wise to place treatment before your water softener to protect it.

Iron actually undergoes a chemical change as it enters your home.  In the well, it is in a form called ferrous iron, which is suspended in the water, but when it is exposed to air  it picks up an electron from oxygen (precpitates) and becomes ferric iron, which is the red, orange staining particle form.  This process it called oxidation, and you will probably notice that if you draw a glass of water, it does not look orange, but if you let it sit overnight, an orange tint or cast will appear, or it will leave a stain in the glass or container.  Many companies recommend equipment that will oxidize the iron with a oxygen-containing chemical like potassium permangenate or high-concentration chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.  This just doesn’t make sense to us.  Why have the hassle and on-going costs of chemical maintenance if you can do the same thing with air- which is safe and free?  Many chemical systems don’t perform as well as the air systems, and the ratios of chemical-to-water and pump sizes are very technical processes that we see misapplied again and again.  Some of the systems require a filter to remove the very chemical that was just added to remove the iron, adding to costs and upkeep. Also, some systems are ILLEGAL TO INSTALL!  Depending on your local codes, chlorinators especially, are prohibited. Check with your local health department (I’m looking at you, Boone County residents.)

Another consideration is the filtration media used to catch the precipitated iron. We see warranties on systems that run one to three years on the media.  Sound ok to you?  We guarantee our for ten years! What is the difference? Our media is lighter weight than competeing systems, and rinses and backwashes better than heavier filter media in other systems. Heavier media may eventually become a concrete-like mass, reducing your water pressure to nothing.  If this happens, you are on the hook for the rebedding of the system to the tune of $400-$800…who wants to do that every four years?

Our Iron Max system is the safe and natural way to rid your water of iron, rust, and sulfur. With no on-going maintenance costs, and an environmentally removal method, you can rest easy that the water your family enjoys is safe and clean.  Our Water Quality Certified Water Specialists will test your water and get you the right sized system for your home and back it with award-winning service and the best warranty in the industry. Call for your water test today!

Please let us know if you enjoyed this little water science lesson!